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Beef Alliance announce top 10

ProAgni - US Beef Alliance Finalists

Australian ag biotech company ProAgni is a finalist in the inaugural US Beef Alliance Startup Challenge. The ten finalists were announced by the US Beef Alliance today each of which will pitch their efforts in developing sustainable, environmental and positive economic solutions specific to the cattle feeding industry.

The inspiration for ProAgni was guided by digestive efficiencies in the kangaroo. The science behind how Kangaroos efficient convert grass in meat with little to no methane emissions has guided the company product development. The vision is to solve two of the world’s most pressing environmental and medical health issues – emissions from livestock and excessive use and reliance on antibiotics.

 “Using radical science, we’ve removed the requirement for non-therapeutic antibiotic use we see in livestock feeds without a cost burden to cattle producers. This product is a simple switch out” explained Lachlan Campbell, Proagni’s CEO and Co-Founder. “commercial trials have also demonstrated significant gain increases compared to industry-standard feeds and all without the use of growth-promoting antibiotics.”

More than 30 international early-stage companies submitted applications with products ranging across hardware, software, and biotech solutions. Applications were received from companies around the world. They were evaluated by executives, nutritionists, and veterinarians from Beef Alliance member cattle feeding companies.

Beef Alliance members were thrilled with both the diversity, quantity and the quality of startup companies that applied for Startup Challenge,” said Scott Whitefoot, Beef Alliance chairman. “Cattle feeding is complex, diverse and highly challenging, and many of the solutions being developed by these early-stage companies could greatly benefit the cattle feeding industry.”

On March 9, ProAgni will pitch their product directly to major US feed yard decision makers for the opportunity to win a $50,000 USD cash prize and the chance at a pilot with a Beef Alliance member company. The winner will be announced in the weeks following the competition.

The Beef Alliance Startup Challenge is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to align US producers with international biotechnology start-ups like ProAgni- gain visibility to these cutting-edge technology solutions and to put our antibiotic-reducing cattle nutrition solutions to work” comments Lachlan Campbell