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The future of livestock supplements

What is ProTect®?

ProTect is a bio-advanced standalone vitamin and mineral premix for livestock that can be used as a concentrate or full feed ration with 5% inclusion. 

ProTect was developed by farmers for farmers to:

  • maintain the stability of rumen pH
  • shorten induction time
  • make induction safer
  • increase animal performance
  • lower the cost of gain
  • eliminate the need for in-feed antibiotics
  • reduce methane emissions

ProTect range for sheep

ProTect range for cattle

How does ProTect work?

ProTect® works by mitigating the risk of grain poisoning.

ProTect maintains the stability of ruminal pH and removes the additional metabolic demands on the animal. That’s why you get a safer transition and better performance.

Check out our University of New England research snapshot.

UNE Trial results under pH 5.5 and 6.0
A graph of UNE trial results under pH 5.5 and 6.0

ProAgni ProTect® vs Industry 'Control diet'

Inducting animals onto grain sets up the rumen for the entire feeding period, but it’s also the riskiest. Issues during this period are costly and compounding.

To your left is an animation of our cattle trial results from the University of New England, conducted by Professor Roger Hegarty in 2019.

The trial tested the effectiveness of ProAgni ProTect, an antibiotic-free, stand-alone vitamin and mineral premix, against a control group – fed a medicated premix, including ionophores.

Why change to ProTect®?

Using ProTect™ is probably the same feed regime you’re currently using, but cleaner and more sustainable, at no extra cost. Contact your nearest manufacturer or supplier to learn more.

ProTect™ can deliver a proven 20%+ improvement in feed conversion and average daily gain which can translate to a 30%+ increase in profitability and less waste.  See our research.

ProTect can deliver a shorter and safer induction that provides buffering against lactic acidosis through effective rumen pH control. Check out our transition protocols.

ProTect reduces emissions of methane and nitrous oxide by firstly making feed conversion more efficient.

ProTect also contains AgolinⓇ Ruminant, a natural rumen modifier that increases yield and minimises greenhouse gas emissions., which has been proven to reduce methane and is endorsed by the Carbon Trust*

ProTect™ is about ensuring the sustainability of farming. By reducing methane emissions, improving feed efficiency, and removing antibiotics, we can ensure a cleaner future for livestock, producers, consumers, and the planet. Check out our work with the CSIRO and University of New South Wales to deliver a cleaner environment as per the United Nations Sustainability goals

“By promoting agriculture and agricultural technology that reduces the resources needed for ruminant
livestock, removes the need for non-therapeutic antibiotics and reduces carbon emissions produced,
this project helps create sustainable, resilient agriculture, producing more food and supporting family
farmers. [Goal 3] Systemic antibiotic use is contributing to antimicrobial resistance. A large portion of
antibiotics fed to animals are used to promote growth or to control acidosis. Reducing the non-therapeutic
use of antibiotics, this project supports better health world-wide by helping to ensure
antibiotics still work and are not excreted into the soil and water supplies. [Goal 5] We support family
owned farms, many of which are female run. [Goal 6] By reducing the production time of ruminant
livestock, we reduce the amount of water needed to raise livestock. By removing antibiotics from the
food chain, the risk of contaminants flowing into wetlands and rivers is reduced or removed.”

Where's the proof?

Trials and research

Industry and university trials at University of New England, West Texas A & M University, the Thomas Elder Institute, and Binginbar Farms have demonstrated positive results in the control of acidosis, competitive weight gain, and reduction of liver abscess in cattle fed ProTect™, without the use of in-feed antibiotics or ionophores.

See our trials and research data and read our customer reviews below.

In cattle feed trials ProTect™ delivered:

  • Increased live weight gains
    • 25kg more live weight, improving carcass weight dressing
      by 19kg
    • A 1.5kg reduction of feed required to gain 1kg of live weight
  • A decreased incidence of lactic acidosis

View our results

Universities that have trialled ProTect

What customers say

Rob Cooke
Rob Cooke
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"The Protect S was added for three reasons. One, to reduce the risk of acidosis. Two, to ensure the sheep were getting the micro and macro nutrients they needed and three, to improve feed efficiency," Click above to read more.
Scott and Anna Brien
Scott and Anna Brien
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"It's forced us to do a lot of things we'd been talking about doing and I think we've come out with a much more efficient model for running our sheep enterprise, especially in light of the climate variability we now face." Click above to read more
Spike Orr
Spike Orr
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"Since the drought broke, we have continued to use ProTect S whenever we supplementary feed, usually adding to grain as it goes into our silos at harvest. We have also been utilising the drought lot to finish wether lambs which is so simple when you have the ProTect S in the diet. Once you have them inducted you can just fill the feeders and keep the water troughs clean and know that you will not have any dramas."