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Introducing ProAgni

Improving farm economics today. Ensuring farming's sustainability

If you didn’t have to use antibiotics to promote growth and feed efficiency in animals, why would you?

This is the question that established ProAgni and led to the research and development of antibiotic and ionophore free ruminant feeds and supplements that improve animal performance through better feed conversion. Tweet

ProAgni credentials are backed by science

We started ProAgni to reduce the environmental and social footprint of agriculture while improving farm economics and remain 100% committed to that goal. Our products are developed with patent pending technology and contain vitamins, trace elements, sulphur containing amino acids, probiotic extracts and plant-based bio actives.

We are committed to feed safety, with products tested through a University of New England trial. Results tracked pH levels where not a single animal went below the clinical acidosis threshold of 5.5. All ProAgni feeds are designed to essentially break a farming paradigm that the only way to get more food out of ruminants is to put more food in.

By concentrating on rumen health and fermentation, ProAgni developed supplements have shown reduced feed intake while increasing weight gain thus making the animal significantly more efficient in feed utilisation. All environments are different but the principles of ruminant nutrition on which our products are based will apply regardless of environment and have equal applicability in intensive and extensive  feeding systems.

ProAgni Products

ProTect C

Optimises cattle performance on grain ProAgni® ProTect C pellet is fed with cereal grain supplements for use in feedlots & drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning. Adding ProTect C to an animal’s diet has the potential to increase growth rates and decrease the time it takes to reach market.

ProTect S

Optimises sheep performance on grain ProAgni® ProTect S pellet is fed with cereal
grain supplements for use in feedlots , supplementary feeding or weaning. ProTect S has the potential to increase growth rates and decrease the time it takes to reach market. ProTect S helps to provide buffering against lactic acidosis.

ProWean S

Complete feed for early weaning lambs
ProAgni® ProWean S is a high protein crumbed feed for use during early weaning of lambs. Designed for ease of digestion and providing nutritional support, when fed to young animals transitioning from milk to grain or grass based diets.


Key nutrients for pre-lambing and calving mothers
ProMark is a loose lick powder designed to support the challenging nutritional demands that pre-lambing and calving mothers experience.Rapid and dramatic changes to nutritional demands occur directly prior to the birthing process, and preparation for these changes is critical for offspring survival, immunity & vigour.


Optimising cattle and sheep performance on dry feed.
ProDry is a loose lick powder for animals grazing on dry pastures and stubbles. Containing fermentable carbohydrates, bypass and rumen degradable protein, and nonprotein nitrogen. These combined with macro + micro minerals, and essential vitamins, aid growth rates, reproduction, and overall animal health.


Optimises cattle and sheep performance on green feed.
ProGreen is a loose lick powder designed for animals grazing on green pastures and forage crops.
ProGreen balances the energy to protein ratio which increases the utilisation of every mouthful of feed.