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Introducing ProAgni

Improving farm economics today. Ensuring farming's sustainability tomorrow.

If you didn’t have to use antibiotics to promote growth and feed efficiency in animals, why would you?


Antibiotic free feed supplements (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free)

We are an Australian
company producing patent-pending antibiotic free feed supplements for cattle and sheep that significantly improve productivity.


20% improvement in feed conversion

We deliver proven 20%+ improvements in feed conversion & average daily gains which can translate into 30%+ improvements in profitability.


70,000 tonnes trialed and validated

Our unique products have been included in over 70,000 tonnes of feed fed to over 2,000,000 animals.


The future product pipeline

Our development pipeline includes product extensions into powder, liquid, and pellet compositions for grain + pasture supplementation.


Significantly reduced induction times

Future product development is focused on significantly reducing induction times in intensive feeding systems using shelf stable probiotics.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

ProTect currently reduces methane production but we are leveraging our experience to develop probiotics that further improve feed conversion,  and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ProAgni credentials are backed by science

We started ProAgni to reduce the environmental and social footprint of agriculture while improving farm economics and remain 100% committed to that goal. Our products are developed with patent pending technology and contain vitamins, trace elements, sulphur containing amino acids, probiotic extracts and plant-based bio actives.

We are committed to feed safety, with products tested through a University of New England trial. Results tracked pH levels where not a single animal went below the clinical acidosis threshold of 5.5. All ProAgni feeds are designed to essentially break a farming paradigm that the only way to get more food out of ruminants is to put more food in.

By concentrating on rumen health and fermentation, ProAgni developed supplements have shown reduced feed intake while increasing weight gain thus making the animal significantly more efficient in feed utilisation. All environments are different but the principles of ruminant nutrition on which our products are based will apply regardless of environment and have equal applicability in intensive and extensive  feeding systems.