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Sheep in yards

Q & A Reducing induction times with ProAgni ProTect

Effective management of induction is without doubt, the most important aspect of a lamb feedlot program. Safety at induction is paramount, and relies on: a quality rumen pH premix formulation eg. ProTect S added to your grain the delivery of a correctly measured amount of ration to each lamb daily

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Stubble in field
Technical bulletin

Act early to capture the best value from dry feeds and stubble

Regardless of whether you’re in a beef or sheep operation, dry feed utilisation is an important issue. In our climate, broadly speaking, we have periods when standing dry feed and stubble are an important part of our grazing and nutritional program. What’s really clear is, regardless of region, the quality

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Antimicrobial resistance

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019

ProAgni  are taking part in activities to promote World Antibiotic Awareness Week as part of our commitment to removing antibiotics from the food chain. WAAW  is held from 18 – 24 November 2019. It aims to draw attention to the effective use of antibiotics in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance.   This

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Seeds and Chips

“We’re part of a unique and integrated system”

ProAgni Co-founder Fiona Soulsby, was invited to be a guest panellist at the Global Table Seeds & Chips 2019 conference. The panel discussion topic was “Is the microbiome the solution to our problem?” Global Table, was held in Melbourne in September 2019 and was the Asia Pacific’s largest international agrifood

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LJ Hooker

Fighting antimicrobial resistance with each breath

In Australia, one in 2,500 babies are born with CF, incredibly that’s one every four days. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) primarily affects the lungs and digestive system, with sufferers labouring to breathe from a build-up of mucus, resulting in frequent lung infections. A percentage of patients will need a double lung

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Rob Bell presentation at SmartBeef 2019

ALFA SMARTBEEF 2019 – ‘Is chicken the new beef?’

The chicken industry has under gone massive change over the past 15 years maintaining their social licence to farm. We have seen the rise of free range egg business to meet consumer demands and a shift in antibiotic use that has moved the market of the clean green broiler from

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Lachlan Campbell discusses ProAgni Probiotics in The Land newspaper

ProAgni probiotic hopes on trial

Article reprinted courtesy of Mark Griggs – The Land. UPWARDS of 80 per cent of all antibiotics produced in the world go into animal husbandry and lotfeeding in particular, according to Lachlan Campbell, CEO of ProAgni (Aust) Pty Ltd, Bonada, Wellington. “There’s a huge social licence about getting those antibiotics

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Early weaning lambs
Q and A

Weaning light and young lambs for Spring

Q. In what circumstances would you be early weaning lambs? Early weaning is a management tool to improve utilisation of feed resources across any season.  Drought continues to have a big impact, in parts of Australia, on feed availability and pricing. Early weaning can save a producer up to 40%*

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