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ProAgni Cattle Products

Delivering improved feed efficiency and performance.

All products are free from antibiotics including ionophores (Rumensin-free & Bovatec-free). Our products contain proven methane-mitigating ingredients; including one certified by the Carbon Trust. To download our comprehensive weaning and feeding induction protocols click here 

Provides the key nutrients for the pre-calving mother.

Optimises performance on green feed.

Optimises performance on Brassica and Canola Crops.

Optimises performance on dry feed.

Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance.  Cattle induction plan and weaning induction plan.

*Ionophore antibiotics are compounds produced by microorganisms (mainly spore-forming bacteria); they act by specifically increasing the ion permeability of the cell membrane. Source https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-46403-4_5