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ProAgni Cattle Products

Delivering improved feed efficiency and performance.

Products have application across the following feeding programs: drought lot, feedlot, supplementary feeding, or weaning. All products are free from antibiotics including ionophores*.

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Optimises cattle performance on grain.

ProAgni® ProTect C pellet is fed with cereal grain supplements for use in feedlots and drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning.

Adding ProTect C to an animal’s diet has the potential to increase growth rates and decrease the time it takes to reach market.

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Why ProTect C?
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A complete feed for beef cattle, pre-mixed with our ProTect C supplement.

ProAgni ProTect™ C Finish is a full cereal grain and protein pellet. Designed to provide full dietary requirements in feedlots, drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning of beef cattle.

ProTect C Finish is premixed with ProAgni’s unique ‘ProTect C’ ionophore and antibiotic-free grain feeding supplement.

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Why ProTect C Finish?
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A complete early weaning feed for calves.

ProAgni® ProTect™ C Wean is a high protein pelleted feed for use during early weaning of calves.

Designed for ease of digestion and providing nutritional support, when fed to young animals transitioning from milk to grain or grass-based diets.

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Why ProTect C Wean?
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Optimises cattle and sheep performance on dry feed.

ProAgni® ProDry is a loose lick powder for animals grazing on dry pastures and stubbles. Containing fermentable carbohydrates, bypass and rumen degradable protein, and nonprotein nitrogen. 

These combined with macro and micro minerals, and essential vitamins aid growth rates, reproduction, and overall animal health.

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Optimises sheep and cattle performance on green feed.

ProAgni® ProGreen is a loose lick powder designed for animals grazing on green pastures and forage crops.

ProGreen balances the energy to protein ratio which increases the utilisation of every mouthful of feed.

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Provides the key nutrients for the pre-calving mother.

ProAgni® ProMark is a loose lick powder designed to support the challenging nutritional demands that pre-calving mothers experience. Rapid and dramatic changes to nutritional demands occur directly prior to the birthing process, and preparation for these changes is critical for offspring survival, immunity and vigour.

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Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance.  Cattle induction plan and weaning induction plan.

*Ionophore antibiotics are compounds produced by microorganisms (mainly spore-forming bacteria); they act by specifically increasing the ion permeability of the cell membrane. Source https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-46403-4_5