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If you didn’t have to use antibiotics or ionophores in animal production, why would you?

This is the question that established ProAgni and led to the research and development of antibiotic-free and ionophore-free (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free) ruminant feeds and supplements that improve animal performance through better feed conversion and reduce methane production. Founded by farmers, backed by science.

Who is ProAgni?

ProAgni is an agriculture biotech founded by a team of primary producers and industry experts.

ProAgni is focused on improving economic outcomes for producers, whilst helping the industry tackle key global challenges, such as food security, antimicrobial resistance, and reducing emissions.

Our products

We develop sheep and cattle nutrition products that

Contain NO antibiotics or ionophores (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free)

Maintain animal health
and safety

Utilise feed more efficiently

Farm productivity and social utility can work in harmony, resulting in sustainable, economic and ecological success for agriculture.

Reduced induction time

Our products have delivered 20%+ improvements in feed conversion & average daily gains which can translate into improvements in profitability.

Our future product development is focused on significantly reducing induction times in intensive feeding systems using shelf stable probiotics.

Trialed and validated

ProAgni products are trialed
and validated.

Our unique products have been included in research trials with The University of New England and the Thomas Elder Institute.

Our products have been fed to over two million animals.

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Feeds and supplements that get your livestock to market, bigger, faster, cleaner and healthier, without antibiotics or ionophores (Bovatec free; Rumensin free). ProTect™ has been scientifically proven to promote a shorter and safer induction by buffering against lactic acidosis and also increase gains by up to 20% against standard feedlot diets. ProTect product line

500 kg
Antibiotics removed from feed
1 t
Methane reduction
Animals fed

ProAgni is a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Goals

ProAgni News


RaboTV Episode 8: Featuring ProAgni’s Rob Bell

  Click here to see RaboTV Episode 8: Featuring ProAgni’s Robert Bell Transcript of interview: Claudine: “Hi, and welcome to Rabo TV, exploring innovation and technology driving the future of agriculture.” Ben: “Today I’ll be giving you an update on the market San paying homage to beef Australia this week,

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Prof. Joe McFadden Cornell University - in dairy sheds at Cornell
Methane Reduction

Dairy cow methane, collaboration, existing research, and student energy with Prof. Joe McFadden – Cornell University

    Livestock sustainability is a much more complex issue than inhibiting methane production. Holistic solutions are needed that also maintain nutrient digestibility, reduce nitrogen pollution, maintain efficiency, are scalable across different production environments in the developed and developing world and are acceptable to the public. After coming to Cornell

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Antimicrobial resistance

ProAgni is proud to be announced as a CRC SAAFE Partner

ProAgni CFO and Co-Founder Fiona Soulsby recently participated on the CRC SAAFE interview team in Canberra. CRC SAAFE – Cooperative Research Centre for Solving Antimicrobial Resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environments was awarded 34.5 Million and will leverage approximately $150 Million in cash and in-kind contributions from 53 partners working

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