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Animal production that is good for human health

Replacing the routine use of in-feed antibiotics in healthy animals without compromising production

ProAgni was founded to have a profound positive impact on communities through unique and novel animal nutrition.

Our vision is to be a contributor to ethical and sustainable animal production that is good for human health, animal welfare and industry performance.

Pitch in the paddock winners

L-R ProAgni founders – Robert Bell, Fiona Soulsby and Lachlan Campbell accept the ‘Winners cheque’ for their ‘Pitch in the Paddock’ 2018. See our ‘Pitch in the paddock winning video below’

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*Ionophore antibiotics are compounds produced by microorganisms (mainly spore-forming bacteria); they act by specifically increasing the ion permeability of the cell membrane. Source https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-46403-4_5