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The demand for antibiotic free meat is growing. ​

Consumers are demanding more truth in how and where their food was raised. In the last 12 months, powerhouses, McDonalds, Subway and Costco have announced antibiotic reduction initiatives* in their supply chains.  The McDonalds announcement will impact the supply chain of 2.6bn tons of beef per year.

For producers the time for change is now.

Consumer and regulatory changes will reverberate back along the supply chain, meaning producers will need to adopt new antibiotic free product and practices or face the prospect of being excluded from the market.  The myth has been “by removing antibiotics, production efficiencies will be reduced or farm economics decline”.

We have busted that myth
ProAgni was first to market with ‘ProTect’ a tested and trailed, antibiotic free feed that substantially improves farm economics. Our products have delivered 20%+ improvements in feed conversion & average daily gains which can translate into improvements in profitability.

Cows eating ProAgni supplements

Antibiotics still have a role to play.

Sometimes antibiotics are necessary to treat sick animals. No one disputes that  treating sick and injured animals with antibiotics is the right course of action.  With improved feed technology, producers  do not need antibiotics for increased growth and blanket distribution to livestock as a preventative economic measure.

Their overuse is having real impacts on the effectiveness of antibiotics in human and animal health.

Is your business ready?​

Removing antibiotics from the food chain shouldn’t be an impact to your business, it simply requires is a swap out in your current feed systems.

ProAgni ProTect, our advanced antibiotic-free ruminant feeds, not only achieve higher production efficiencies (up to 20%) but lower greenhouse emissions at the same time, ensuring a positive social and environmental outcomes for your business.

ProAgni ProTect S for sheep, ProAgni ProTect C for cattle

Antibiotics free feeds without the impact to your business.

Talk to us today about how our products can improve your business without compromise.

Our committment.

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As an industry and as a one health community, we have a responsibility to ensure the future effectiveness of antibiotics. 

Consumers want to know what their food has eaten. ProAgni is part of that change and part of that solution. 

We want to change the world, we want to make ethical, lean, green antibiotic and ionophore free red meat.

At ProAgni, we use science and research to remove antibiotics from the food supply without compromising animal health