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We care about the future of ag.

Founded by farmers, backed by science.

ProAgni design, develop and commercialise nutrition products that contribute to ethical and sustainable animal production that is good for human health, animal welfare and industry performance.

ProAgni’s Co-Founders began collaborating out of a shared need for economic sustainability in agriculture, created from challenges and prolonged drought in our communities.  While researching a way to improve health and nutrition to sheep and cattle that were being raised on limited pastures and a majority of grains, we became aware of the excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture and the growing anti-microbial resistance issue in public health.  We did not want to tell our children we saw a ‘perfect storm’ evolving and did nothing about it.  

In 2016, ProAgni was established, and using our combined knowledge and experience, we developed Australia’s first antibiotic and ionophore free nutrition range, ProTect. 

ProTect is a formulated product range including premix, supplement and full feed ration, designed to be fed with cereal grain rations to provide health and safety, while reducing methane and optimising feed efficiency and animal performance. 

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ProTect S - on a pallet

Underpinning the ProTect™ technology is our patented technology Optiwise®.

ProTect has scientifically shown optimisation of digestion, stability of rumen pH and maintenance of animal health and safety and has commercially shown improvements in productivity, performance and profitability.   

As an industry, we have a responsibility to ensure the future effectiveness of antibiotics for all species.  ProAgni ProTect provides the alternative to using antibiotics for growth promotion, in animal production.  

If you didn’t have to use antibiotics, why would you? #knowwhatyourfoodeats ​

We are ProAgni, and we care about the future of ag.

Our mission is to reduce the environmental and social footprint of agriculture while improving farm economics and remain 100% committed to that goal.  We know we can do it better, and we believe the time for change is now.  We want to make a positive and lasting impact to shape a better future for us all. 

That future involves; 

  • Greater profitability for producers 
  • Less reliance on antibiotics and growth promoters 
  • Greater utilisation of resources and efficiency in feeding systems 
  • Less emissions 

We are pioneers of a new way to produce protein, improving economics today and ensuring sustainability tomorrow   

Meet Our Partners: NOVUS International and Riverina Stockfeeds supporting our DAFQ trial

Our research and development

We have a genuine belief that through collaboration, we can create shared value and accelerate the speed of innovation to help transform the Ag Industry of tomorrow. We invest time, capital and resources finding and developing the solutions for tomorrow. We focus on developing and commercialising products that nutritionally enhance livestock diets, creating greater feed efficiency, maintenance of health and overall improved productivity.  

Nada Almassri Selected as PhD Candidate:

Development of Microencapsulation technology for targeted delivery of enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants.


Joint industry PhD project with CSIRO and UNSW.

This project aims at developing a microencapsulation technology that enables protection of enzymes during passage through the various pH environment in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants enabling release in the hind gut (cecum/large intestine).

The successful delivery of these enzymes in active form in the hind gut is expected to enhance feed utilization rate in animal production with significant economic benefit

Nada Almassri joins the ProAgni Team as our PhD Candidate for this project.

Her work will be part of ProAgni’s UN SDG Partnership Platform, “Transforming Livestock Sector: Reduce emissions, accelerate the removal of ingested antibiotics from the animal food chain to reduce Agricultures contribution to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and reduce resources required for production.”


Radical induction technology, the new frontier


In advanced development, we have pioneered shelf stable probiotics that significantly reduce induction time. 

By concentrating on developing technology that radically reduces induction time from grass to grain, ProAgni makes it possible to immediately increase weight gain in livestock, and optimize feed utilisation. All this, without the use of antibiotics or ionophores.  A trial with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland (DAFQ) was completed in July of 2022 with excellent results.  The final paper is being drafted and will be released later this year. 

Watch this space for further exciting news on our probiotic delivery technologies. 


West Texas A & M

West Texas A and M ProAgni Trial

Our research project with WTAMU has the objective to determine the effects of replacing a traditional natural based mineral supplement with Protect C in the diet, on performance and carcass characteristics of Akaushi-crossbred cattle. 

Click here to download a results summary.

University of New England Scientific study


A scientific study performed by University of New England, quantifed the methane production and yield of cattle fed a conventional barley-based finisher diet with or without inclusion of ProTectThe study also measured safety of use including rumen pH and VFA production, ulilising ProAgni ProTect C, was tested for its ability to reduce the incidence of lactic acidosis in feedlot cattle, optimise feed efficiency and enhance performance, compared to an industry feedlot diet.

Click to download a results summary.

Click here to see the data animation video of ruminal pH work.

The Midfield Group


The aim of this research study was to quantify the effects on weight gain and carcass yield of cattle fed a conventional feedlot finisher ration containing Monensin, with that of cattle fed a diet containing a ProTect C feed additive, under commercial feedlot conditions with an accelerated, eight-day induction period onto a full-grain ration.

Click here to download a results summary.

Thomas Elder Institute Trial 2018


The Thomas Elder Institute conducted a lamb feeding trial to evaluate the suitability of ProAgni ProTect S as a supplement in a minimal fibre diet fed to lambs in a commercial feedlot situation.

Click here to download a results summary.