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Faster induction time grass to grain

ProAgni products demonstrate that medicated feeds are not required to maintain high growth rates in healthy animals.

A more efficient production system decreases feed consumed per kg of meat, milk or wool by approximately 17%.

Data captured from ProAgni commercial validation and independent scientific studies by the University of New England (UNE) highlights:

  • Greater levels of usable energy generated compared to traditional diets (>25%)
  • Ruminal pH more stable and closer to desired ranges for longer compared to ionophore inclusion diets. “a stable rumen ecosystem and freedom from hindgut and foregut acidosis”
  • “ProTect (ProAgni Product in trial) is a valid alternative to Monensin”.

To date, nearly half million animals have benefitted from ProAgni products.

More efficient production


20% improvement in feed conversion rate

20%+ improvement in feed conversion ratio (FCR). ProAgni FCR of 5.5:1, validated by commercial cattle feed lots against industry standards of 7-8:1.

High average daily gain of up to 2.2 kg/hd/day.
Lower morbidity and mortality in intensive feeding. 


500gm per head per day improvements

ProAgni FCR below 4:1 in commercial sheep feed lots. Typical feed lot conversion is 5:1.

High average daily gain of up to 500g/hd/day.
15% increase in lamb survivability.

ProAgni, Future Developments

Currently, existing probiotic supplements are administered as a drench to each individual animal.  These products require refrigerated storage and have a short shelf-life of 3-5 days.

An opportunity exists to fundamentally change the use of probiotics in agriculture and ProAgni is working on a dry from probiotic which can be added to feed.  We envision a product that safe and stable, does not require cold-chain storage and has a long shelf life.