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ProAgni Pro tips

Straight from the paddock, ProTips is presented by our ag specialist, co-founder and CTO Rob Bell, CEO Lachlan Campbell and guests.

14 September 2020 – Pre-weaning – Imprinting lambs onto feeders
How do you take the stress out of the weaning process for lambs? Imprinting lambs, with ewes, onto water and feeders early, helps to create more productive livestock.

11 September 2020 – Weaning is a process, not a day of management (Part 1 of 3)
Focusing on weaning, is a key management tool for maximising efficiency within the production system and to assist in the development of young animals to become high functioning ruminants.

12 June 2020 – Clean Water
Lachlan Campbell on why clean water is a must in lot feeding and how to keep troughs pristine.

7 May 2020 – Gut efficiency on dual purpose crops
Rob Bell discusses stabilising the gut for better efficiency on dual purpose crops – canola (brassica) and Reclaimer Rhodes grass from Selected Seeds

1 May 2020 – Long fibre
Rob Bell talks about why long fibre is important during livestock induction and transition.

23 April 2020 – Faecal egg counts
Thankfully many livestock producers have received an autumn break, now is the time to utilise diagnostic testing tools like faecal egg counts (FEC) to make smart decisions.