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ProAgni Pro tips

Straight from the paddock, ProTips is presented by our ag specialist, co-founder and CTO Rob Bell, CEO Lachlan Campbell and guests.

12 June 2020 – Clean Water
Lachlan Campbell on why clean water is a must in lot feeding and how to keep troughs pristine.

7 May 2020 – Gut efficiency on dual purpose crops
Rob Bell discusses stabilising the gut for better efficiency on dual purpose crops – canola (brassica) and Reclaimer Rhodes grass from Selected Seeds

1 May 2020 – Long fibre
Rob Bell talks about why long fibre is important during livestock induction and transition.

23 April 2020 – Faecal egg counts
Thankfully many livestock producers have received an autumn break, now is the time to utilise diagnostic testing tools like faecal egg counts (FEC) to make smart decisions.