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ProAgni ProMark

Key nutrients for the pre-lambing or pre-calving mother

ProMark has applications for supplementary feeding. All products are free from antibiotics including ionophores*

ProAgni® ProMark is a moisture resistant loose lick powder designed to support the challenging nutritional demands of pre-lambing and pre-calving mothers.

Rapid and dramatic changes to nutritional demands occur directly prior to the birthing process, and preparation for these changes is critical for offspring survival, immunity and vigour.

Why use ProMark?

  • Support the nutritional requirements of pre-calving or lambing dams
  • Increases immunity in off spring through better colostrum volumes and quality
  • Decreases nutritional stress and potentially increases re-conception rates at the subsequent joining
  • Reduces methane – Contains proven methane-mitigating ingredients; including one certified by the Carbon Trust.

When should I use ProMark:

Include ProMark to the mother’s diet 2-3 weeks prior to calving or lambing and continue feeding ProMark until 70% of lambs or calves are born.

How do I use ProMark?

Place in free draining containers where stock gather regularly.

  • Feed on a daily basis for the first five days until the majority of the livestock is actively taking to ProMark
  • After the first five days, supply two days worth of supplement, every second day

Depending upon seasonal conditions, moving to ProDry, ProGreen or grain with ProTect S or ProTect C may be appropriate.

  • Free from urea and hormones
  • Free from Lasalocid and Monensin
  • Nil withholding period, nil export slaughter intervals
  • Feed only to cattle and sheep

Safe storage guidelines

  • ProAgni Feed should only be feed to the animal that the product has been specifically formulated for.
  • Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal – STORAGE Store all bags or bulk deliveries off the ground in a dry place out of direct sunlight and away from possible pests and insects.
  • Store at below 30C.

Meet the Producer: Rob Cooke discusses why he uses ProAgni ProMark

Rob Cooke from Central West, NSW discusses why he uses ProAgni ProMark

ProAgni products are free from all antibiotics. Packaged in 25kg bags, 1 tonne bags or bulk.

Nutrient values

Nutrient level (DM Basis) Typical analysis Unit of measure
Protein, Crude
Crude fat

Nutrition profile

Nutrient name Typical analysis
Macro nutrients
Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sulfur
Micro nutrients
Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Cobalt, Manganese, Iodine
Bio actives, amino acids

ProMark dose rate


Supplementary feeding (per head/per day)


Supplementary feeding (per head/per day)

Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance. Click here to download your induction plan and weaning induction plan.

*Ionophore antibiotics are compounds produced by microorganisms (mainly spore-forming bacteria); they act by specifically increasing the ion permeability of the cell membrane. Source https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-46403-4_5