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Early weaning lambs

Weaning light and young lambs for Spring

Q. In what circumstances would you be early weaning lambs?

Early weaning is a management tool to improve utilisation of feed resources across any season.  Drought continues to have a big impact, in parts of Australia, on feed availability and pricing. Early weaning can save a producer up to 40%* of feed resources between the ewe/lamb unit if fed separately.  If takes significantly more feed to support a ewe producing milk for continued lamb growth, and choosing to wean earlier and separate ewe from lamb, significantly reduces feed demand.

Early weaning is a challenging concept for some, likely a result of poor experiences in the past.

But, what could early weaning do for your production system?

  • Finish lambs earlier
  • Re-join ewes sooner
  • Pastures last longer
  • Improved carrying capacity
  • Options, options and more options

With the introduction of our complete early weaning feed – ProAgni® ProWean S, developed to specifically support early weaned and light lambs, making early weaning a simpler process, and providing options for producers.

Q. What weight and age are considered ‘early or light’ weaners?

Approximately 10kg live weight and 4 – 6 weeks of age are classed as early weaners. ProAgni have developed the ProWean S complete feed specifically to cater for the complex nutritional requirements of young lambs.  While the lamb has a capacity to eat a certain amount of feed, providing concentrated feed, such as ProWean S, provides the nutritional requirements until it has reached a bodyweight to eat sufficient quantities of pasture/crop-based feed to meet protein and energy demands.

Q. What environment should I keep the light and young lambs in?

In extreme circumstances like drought it’s possible to wean between 8-10kg and feed the ProWean S in a confined or intensive environment.  Creating an intensive environment provides a greater level of control. The process of transitioning lambs to eat from feeders is an important management tool. The imprinting of this behaviour is essential before separating the lambs from ewes.

A combined/intensive environment provides:

  • control over the delivery of feed
  • distribution of feed (separating shy feeders and different weights)
  • halt degrading paddocks and pastures

Q. How much should I be feeding?

*Click here to view our feeding and weaning protocols

10 kg lambs 300g per head/per day. 15 – 20kg lambs 500- 600gm per head/per day. Younger animals can be fed ProWean S exclusively for a period of time.  As bodyweight increases grain can be added to the diet.  Adding grain gradually as the lamb gains weight will reduce the feeding cost.  It’s all about managing that transition.

NOTE: We always recommend hay is readily available at all times to lambs.  Talk to us if hay is unavailable

Q. What makes ProWean S different from other feeds?

ProWean S is a concentrated complete feed that delivers high levels of protein and energy to specifically support early post weaning lambs. The crumble texture is designed to maximise engagement and early intake. As the lambs bodyweight increases ProWean S can be mixed as a concentrate, with cereal grain and legumes.

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