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Lachlan Campbell

Co-founder and CEO
Ba. Ag Economics, Dip Financial Planning, GAICD

Lachlan grew up on the family sheep farm in Australia and has decades of experience in livestock production and farm management.

He has decades of experience as a specialist consultant – advising hundreds of family farming businesses on planning and adapting to change to ensure they are sustainable over the long-term. He is an active contributor and guide to the Sheep and Cattle Industry and advisor to corporate and government. In addition to being ProAgni CEO, Lachlan has been the sole resource to drive business development and industry engagement; generating sales from individual customers; and building the reseller and manufacturing network.

Over the past 5 years, Lachlan has had the opportunity to work with producers, resellers, researchers, and industry bodies and has a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the current and future issues that may impact our producers. With the changes on imports into the EU, Lachlan feels it is vitally important to keep our producers informed and supported. 

Lachlan and ProAgni’s efforts continue to create sustainable, economic, and ecological success in agricultural by promoting optimal resource management that benefits industry growth, sustainability, and animal welfare. He has spoken on the topic on many podcasts and radio interviews.

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