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Fiona Soulsby

Photo by Simon Dillinger

Fiona Soulsby

Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Radiation Science) Nuclear Medicine, University of Sydney; Masters of Business Administration (Professional Accounting), University of New England; Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Fiona Soulsby is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of ProAgni. Fiona has 20 years of experience working across health, agriculture, and business in both private and public enterprise. With a focus on removing non-therapeutic antibiotics from production systems and improving efficiencies to reduce emissions, Fiona and her ProAgni co-founders are paving the way for sustainably grown meat. Driven by an inquiring mind and a belief that anything is possible, Fiona has been invaluable in managing the respective R&D partnerships, product trials and bringing ProAgni’s novel probiotic developments to commercial reality.

Fiona is an experienced finance professional, nuclear medicine technologist, and business services consultant with over 20 years of experience in health care, farming and agribusiness. Fiona has a specialised focus on growth and sustainability in the agricultural sector and recognises the importance of working collaboratively to create shared value.

Fiona is experienced in the development of strategy and business models to achieve business operational and financial outcomes.

Fiona leads ProAgni finance, research and development and corporate social responsibility.  She is a key member our research team and spearheads projects with our collaborators such as CSU, UNE, DAFQ and CSIRO.

Fiona was asked to speak at Seeds n Chips 2019, the Next Vintage Women in Ag, and most recently was the red meat industry representative on the CRC SAAFE Team. CRC SAAFE – Cooperative Research Centre for Solving Antimicrobial Resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environments was awarded 34.5 Million and will leverage approximately $150 Million in cash and in-kind contributions from 53 partners working across 5 states and territories of Australia.  The CRC will run for 10 years, and will help solve antimicrobial resistance challenges posing a growing threat to Australia’s food, agribusiness, and environmental sectors.

Fiona says, “AMR is a health risk, and a social license risk. Market rules are changing.” Producers need access to tools and solutions to not only continue to access valuable export markets, but also exploit opportunities in new and emerging markets.  ProAgni’s participation in CRC SAAFE, provides support to an environment for those tools and solutions to be developed and deployed, safe guarding our existing industry and providing market ready opportunities for 2022 and Beyond.

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