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We want your lamb!

Ben Verrall from the Australian Lamb Company wants your antibiotic and ionophore-free lambs now.

Such is the demand from their US supplier for clean and sustainable meat, they’ve partnered with Ag Biotech – ProAgni and Animal Production Advisor, Sam Simmons from Delta Agribusiness, to identify producers keen to access this lucrative and growing market.

Currently antibiotic-free status is tracked through Vendor Declaration Forms.

“Our US customers look to us to deliver a clean product. Credibility, confidence and trust in the Aussie product is paramount to importers and their customers who demand transparency in the food chain.”

Looking to ensure a credible supply of antibiotic and ionophore-free meat, the Australian Lamb Company has invested in relationships with key industry players working towards the same sustainability goals for farming.

Ben Verrall has been keenly following the rise of a local ag biotech company – ProAgni, an Aussie company who has developed and launched the first antibiotic and ionophore-free (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free) concentrate and finished feed in Australia. The Edison award winning products have been successfully, commercially and university trialled with remarkable results compared to a standard industry feedlot diet containing antibiotics and ionophores.

To meet the immediate and future demand of US contracts, the Australian Lamb Company recognised that working closely with industry-leading ag nutritionists would help quickly identify producers eager to embrace the growing demands of this export market. Delta Agribusiness, with one eye on future technologies and a historic footprint in sheep producing regions, fits that criteria.

“We want to work with future-focused organisations like Delta Agribusiness, Riverina Stockfeeds and ProAgni, who have existing relationships with farmers keen to deliver a more sustainable product. Demanding a cleaner product shouldn’t be at a cost to producers. The antibiotic and ionophore-free (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free )concentrate, ProTect®, manufactured by Riverina Stockfeeds, is competitively priced and represents a simple switch out in their current feeding regime. ProAgni ProTect® ticks all the boxes.”

ProAgni Protect S

IMAGE: ProAgni ProTect® S – Antibiotic and Ionophore-free (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free) supplements and feeds

ProAgni and Delta Agribusiness have a large customer base to help connect the Australian Lamb Company with prospective suppliers who in turn provide a consistent market channel for a sustainable antibiotic and ionophore-free (Bovatec-free & Rumensin-free) product. ProAgni has recently announced their partnership with Riverina StockfeedsRiverina now supplies Delta Agribusiness with the entire ProAgni product range.

“Delta has seized the opportunity to connect our customers with the Australian Lamb Company. We see this as an incredible business opportunity to lead and deliver new feed tech and innovation directly to our customers, connecting our producers with a ready market.”

Producers interested in supplying to this market in the future please contact us on 0433 814 744.

For producers already using ProAgni products, contact your local stock and station agent and request current Australian Lamb Company pricing.

For product information and nutritional advice contact your local Delta Agribusiness, North West Ag Services branch or Riverina Stockfeeds.

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