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Dr Athol Klieve

Research Lead 
Associate Professor in Agricultural Microbiology, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Queensland
Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England,
Master of Rural Science, University of New England,
Bachelor of Agricultural Science, The University of Adelaide
Originally from South Australia, Dr Klieve did a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree at the University of Adelaide then spent 11 years at the University of New England, Armidale.

At UNE he completed his Master’s degree on the development of poultry vaccines, PhD on bacterial viruses of rumen bacteria and 5 years post-doc on the genetic manipulation of rumen bacteria.

Dr Klieve joined DAFF Qld in 1993 and UQ in 2009, he now heads a collaborative UQ/DAFF Qld research team of 10 staff and students. His current research portfolio includes a number of projects investigating the reduction of emissions of the greenhouse gas methane from rumen fermentation, campylobacter in chickens, probiotics to improve animal production and use of strategies to combat antibiotic resistant veterinary infections.

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