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Nada Almassri

PhD Candidate, University of Sydney
BE (Honours) Biotechnology, International Islamic University, Malaysia
Cert IV, Health Administration

Nada has been selected as ProAgni’s sponsored PhD Candidate Analytics as part of our Joint Industry PhD Project with CSIRO and University of NSW.

She will be working on our project that is aimed at developing a microencapsulation technology that enables protection of enzymes during passage through the various pH environment in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants enabling release in the hind gut (cecum/large intestine).

The successful delivery of these enzymes in active form in the hind gut is expected to enhance feed utilization rate in animal production with significant economic benefit.

This work is part of our UN SDG Partnership Program (SDG Action 43468)

“Transforming Livestock Sector: Reduce emissions, accelerate the removal of ingested antibiotics from the animal food chain to reduce Agricultures contribution to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and reduce resources required for production.”