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ProTect S Finish

A complete feed for sheep

All products are free from antibiotics including ionophores*

ProAgni ProTect ™ S Finish is a full cereal grain and protein pellet. Designed to provide the full dietary requirements for use in feedlots, drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning.

Why use ProTect S Finish?

  • Provides balanced protein and energy nutrition for
  • Provides buffering against lactic acidosis
  • Helps livestock reach genetic potential for
    increased production
  • Meets increasing demand for antibiotic free meat
  • Reduces methane emissions

How do I use ProTect S Finish:

This complete feed pellet is designed for feeding at 1-2%
of bodyweight per day, fed out in troughs or self feeders,
in conjunction with fibre forage. Allow at least 20% of
the total intake of the animal to consist of a quality fibre
source such as cereal hay or straw.

Do not feed this pellet at 100% of diet. Fibre is required.
Induct animals carefully onto feed. Increase intake of
pellets to desired level for 7-10 days to minimise risk of
digestive upset.

Give special attention to controlling the introduction to
excessively hungry or drought-affected animals. Ensure
that access to cool, clean fresh water is always available.

ProTect S Finish contains:

  • Cereal grain, digestible fibre, oilseed protein & oil.
  • Proven methane-mitigating ingredients; including one certified by the Carbon Trust.
  • ProAgni® ProTect S a highly effective nutritional
    supplement which provides buffering against lactic
    acidosis, and optimised rumen fermentation for animal performance, and contains;
    • Acid Buf, a rumen buffer, containing a pure source of bio-available minerals for rumen efficiency
    • Optiwise® a patent pending additive of organic and inorganic bio-available minerals, trace elements, vitamins, probiotic extracts, bioactives and antioxidative compounds, for maximising animal health and minimizing energy waste

Safe storage guidelines

  • ProAgni Feed should only be feed to the animal that the product has been specifically formulated for.
  • Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal – STORAGE Store all bags or bulk deliveries off the ground in a dry place out of direct sunlight and away from possible pests and insects.
  • Store at below 30C.

ProAgni products are free from all antibiotics. Packaged in 25kg bags, 1 tonne bags or bulk.

How to feed

Please refer to the ProAgni Induction guides for sheep for the ProTect S Grain Feeding Supplement: ‘INTENSIVE LAMB FEEDING PROTOCOL’ including the 7 and 15-day Feed Induction programs for sheep > 25kg, OR the ‘LAMB WEANING PROTOCOL’ for lambs > 15kg, should be followed.


  • Cereal Grain (Barley)
  • Digestible Fibre (Almond Hull Meal)
  • Oilseed Protein and Oil (Canola meal, Canola Oil)
  • ProAgni ProTect S (5% inclusion)

This product is

  • Free from Lasalocid and Monensin
  • Nil withholding period, nil export slaughter
  • Feed only to sheep
  • Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal

Nutrient Specifications: Dry Matter basis

Nutrient name Typical analysis Unit of measure
Energy Ruminant
Crude fibre

Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance. Click here to download your sheep induction plan and weaning induction plan.

*Ionophore antibiotics are compounds produced by microorganisms (mainly spore-forming bacteria); they act by specifically increasing the ion permeability of the cell membrane. Source https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-46403-4_5