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Category: Sustainability


RaboTV Episode 8: Featuring ProAgni’s Rob Bell

  Click here to see RaboTV Episode 8: Featuring ProAgni’s Robert Bell Transcript of interview: Claudine: “Hi, and welcome to Rabo TV, exploring innovation and technology driving the future of agriculture.” Ben: “Today I’ll be giving you an update on the market San paying homage to beef Australia this week,

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Athol Klieve
Methane Reduction

Learning From Nature, how to Eliminate Livestock Methane Emissions

Ash Sweeting in conversation with Prof Athol Klieve – University of Queensland Could nature provide a map to greatly reduce the climate impact of animal agriculture. Dr Athol Klieve has spent his career researching the microbiome of ruminants and kangaroos and why ruminants produce methane and kangaroos do not. In

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Justin Webb AgriWebb

Justin Webb from AgriWebb talks – Emissions reduction

Agriwebb arguably has visibility over more head of livestock and acres of grazing and farmland than anyone else with over 20 million sheep and cattle and 125 million acres being managed through their systems.  Agriwebb is now working with their customers to reduce carbon emissions. A key aspect of Agriwebb’s

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