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Category: Podcast

Prof. Joe McFadden Cornell University - in dairy sheds at Cornell
Methane Reduction

Dairy cow methane, collaboration, existing research, and student energy with Prof. Joe McFadden – Cornell University

    Livestock sustainability is a much more complex issue than inhibiting methane production. Holistic solutions are needed that also maintain nutrient digestibility, reduce nitrogen pollution, maintain efficiency, are scalable across different production environments in the developed and developing world and are acceptable to the public. After coming to Cornell

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Athol Klieve
Methane Reduction

Learning From Nature, how to Eliminate Livestock Methane Emissions

Ash Sweeting in conversation with Prof Athol Klieve – University of Queensland Could nature provide a map to greatly reduce the climate impact of animal agriculture. Dr Athol Klieve has spent his career researching the microbiome of ruminants and kangaroos and why ruminants produce methane and kangaroos do not. In

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Dr Carl Wepking
Antimicrobial resistance

Livestock antibiotics, the soils microbiome and climate change

Ash Sweeting in conversation with with Dr Carl Wepking – University of Wisconsin – Madison The effects of antibiotic use in livestock are far greater than the human health impacts of antimicrobial resistance. It is estimated that 90% of the antibiotics given to livestock end up in the soil. Despite

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