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Beef week 2018

Beef 2018’s Pitch in the Paddock finalists announced

A BROAD spectrum of technologies ranging from virtual fencing systems to mobile abattoirs, logistics solutions, livestock monitoring and objective meat quality assessment systems will line-up as finalists in the 2018 ag-tech Pitch in the Paddock event to be held at Beef 2018 in Rockhampton next month.

The eight top finalists in the inaugural Pitch in the Paddock ag-accelerator event will pitch to a well-credentialed group of judges including business leaders, innovators and investors, in front of a live audience. Winners will take home fantastic cash prizes and incentive packages.

The event provides a forum for the next wave of industry leaders to cultivate their bright business ideas, exposing them to the entire red meat supply chain and local and international leaders.

Pitch in the Paddock is about providing the best of Australia’s many entrepreneurial beef sector innovators with the opportunity to showcase their solution to the industry, receive constructive feedback, and access expert start-up coaching insights.

Here’s a quick summary of this year’s finalists, and what their innovation entails

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Fiona Soulsby, ProAgni:

ProAgni aims to provide solutions for securing global food supply through ethical and sustainable production that is good for human health, animal welfare and industry performance.  The company says its pro-biotic additives present an opportunity to accelerate the removal of ingested antibiotics from animal feed and optimise the productive potential of the red meat industry.

ProAgni is developing a dry form pro-biotic product which will be a stable in-feed additive. ProAgni says the pro-biotic presents an opportunity to accelerate the transition time from grass to grainfed production systems, from the industry average of 14-20 days down to 3-6 days. While the role of pro-biotics in enhancing the efficacy of grain feeding has long been understood, it has been commercially impractical as products are in wet form, have required cold chain handling, had a very short shelf-life, and manual drenching of individual animals was required.  The process being used by ProAgni removes the need for cold chain and allows the product to be simply added to existing feed additives and supplements.

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