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ProAgni takes gold in global innovation awards

Edison Award ProAgni

An Australian breakthrough in creating antibiotic-free livestock supplements and feeds has taken out gold in the Edison Awards, which recognise the best global innovation and innovators.

NSW-based ProAgni was named the global gold award winner for the Health & Wellness, Agricultural Innovation category for its ProTect™ solution, which maintains cattle and sheep health and aids weight gain during feeding without antibiotics.

Judged by a panel of 3,000 business executives from around the world, the Edison Awards attract entries from some of the world’s biggest companies including PepsiCo, IBM, Reebok and Lego.

The silver award winner in the category won by ProAgni was Pivot Bio, a Silicon Valley based company that has raised nearly $100m in venture capital to date.

“After a thorough review, the Edison Awards’ judges recognised ProTect™ as a game-changing innovation standing out among the best new products and services launched in their category,” said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director of the Edison Awards.

ProAgni’s CEO Lachlan Campbell said the award recognised both the global interest in antibiotic-free food and ProAgni’s position as a world-class innovator in providing a solution to red meat producers.

“Our motto is ‘if you don’t have to use antibiotics why would you?,” he said.

”Using Australian-developed technology, ProAgni developed a product which optimises digestion and has shown significant improvements in productivity for livestock producers without the use of antibiotics.”

ProTect™ helps sheep and cattle stabilise rumen pH, thus allowing optimised weight gain and ensuring animal health and well being without antibiotics.

Trials in Australia and the US have shown using ProTect™ products provide efficient weight gain, with less time on feed, providing benefits for the environment and efficiency gains for livestock producers.

The market is telling us consumers globally are happy to seek out and pay a premium for antibiotic free meat,” Lachlan said.

If Australian beef and lamb can supply these markets while returning gains to the producer and the industry then it is a win all round.

“We saw the chicken market go from 3% antibiotic free to 40% in 5 years in the US and the same thing is going to happen in red meat.”

A range of ProAgni products, including those utilising the ProTect™ technology, are available through resellers and direct around Australia and are being trialled extensively in other markets.